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With the Boolky API you can integrate a number of functions, such as sending a message to both existing contacts and new ones, you can calculate how much it will cost before sending. You can add a contact whenever you have a new user. You can integrate all the functionality that we have, if some functionality is not enough or you have problems with integration, write to the support service and we will solve this issue as soon as possible.

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Send SMS

With this API, you can send SMS messages to both existing contacts and new ones. After sending we check the phone number. If it is a valid phone number, we send a text message. Also if you are using our Contacts and Groups APIs you can use contactIds instead of phoneNumbers or groupIds instad of phoneNumbers.

Request Url:
* If you want to be informed about the status of the SMS via the WebHook, you can enter your profile and add the Call Back URL. Request type is POST. The request body you can see below.
  "smsStatus": "delivered",
  "groupHistoryId": "14874",
  "phoneNumber": "+18181111112",
  "segments": "1",
  "errorCode": null

Request Headers

Authorization: YOUR_API_KEY (get it on dashboard)

language: EN

Request Body

  "phoneNumbers": [
  "text": "Hello. Message sent by Boolky.",
  "saveContacts": false
textstringMin 1, Max 650 characterstrueMessage what you want to sent.
phoneNumbersstring[]Min 1 NumbertruePhone numbers to sent.
groupIdsint[]nullfalseSent messages via groupIds, (Advanced).
contactIdsint[]nullfalseSent messages via contactIds, (Advanced).
saveContactsbooleantrue / falsefalseIf you need to save contacts.

If everything is correct, you will find in response that the value of the messageKey field is successful. Also in these fields you can find the cost, totalPartCount, receiverCount, text

  • cost - service cost
  • totalPartCount - the total number of MMS parts
  • receiverCount - the total number of messages that will receive.
  • text - your message

Success Response

  "result": {
    "data": {
      "cost": "0.0295",
      "bCoinCost": 295,
      "totalPartCount": 1,
      "receiverCount": 1,
      "text": "gsjfgsdjkfg",
      "sendAnywayCost": "0.0295",
      "bCoinSendAnywayCost": 295,
      "internationalTotalPartCount": 0,
      "internationalReceiverCount": 0,
      "selectedContactsSize": 1,
      "blackListContactsSize": 0,
      "invalidContactsSize": 0,
      "blockedCountryContactsSize": 0,
      "invalidContacts": [],
      "blackListContacts": [],
      "blockedCountryContacts": [],
      "groupHistoryId": 0,
      "messageId": "9c9392de-35ae-4ac9-a328-378b666c8f2f",
      "ids": [
          "phone": "+13022512794",
          "uuid": "0e1e720a-7b87-4876-a844-7e44a6f3cfd6"
    "message": {
      "localizedMessage": "Successfully sent cost: $ 0.0295",
      "messageKey": "success"

The error response can be obtained in 3 cases.

  • if you have wrong api key
  • If you do not have enough funds (if automatic payment is not enabled in the billing)
  • If you do not have enough funds (if you turn on automatic payment, but unfortunately there was an error while charge money)

Error Response | Session Expired

  "error": {
    "localizedMessage": "Session expired",
    "messageKey": "sessionExpired"

Error Response | Insufficient Funds

  "error": {
    "localizedMessage": "Account balance is not enough for this purchase, try to fund your account",
    "messageKey": "insufficientFunds"

Error Response | Payment Error

  "error": {
    "localizedMessage": "Payment error.",
    "messageKey": "reject"
If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you


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