We need your mobile number in order to send you an activation code. You will need this activation code in order to receive $1 credit in your account. We may also need to contact you for support reasons, for example if you forget your password and need an SMS reminder, or if you have set up two factor authentication we will also need your phone number.

Your password can be updated from your account's privacy section.

Yes. You can upload Excel spreadsheets or CSV files or VCF files. Just upload your file through the member interface and your changes will be processed automatically. For Excel and CSV structure download this sample file (Download file).

Yes, through your account you can resend any message that you have saved in the past.

Yes, your Boolky account allows you to send to individual contacts, so you can send to how many persons you want.

We provide invoices for all your charges. Find your invoices in Billing section.

You, as the Boolky account holder, don't pay for failed messages.


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